Games for babies: everybody dance now!

baby dance helps development
Put on some of your own favourite music: it doesn't matter if it is rock, pop, classical, hip hop or jazz.

Hold baby close to you.

Support your baby's head by holding the back of their neck (as shown in photo).

Sway gently to the music.

Dancing gently with your baby is a great way to calm them.
Information from the eyes, ears, balance and the movement work together, in this simple activity, to give baby an awareness of where they are in relation to the space around them.
It also stimulates the balance centre in the inner ear and baby's vision.
By 5 months of age you can sway more vigorously and baby should have good head control and not need to be supported behind the neck.
This is a fun activity that you and baby can enjoy together.

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  1. Dancing is one of our favourite activities

  2. While dancing, move baby through different planes and angles. It's good for their head and neck support. Waltzes are particularity enjoyable.