Baby Massage

"It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling"Dr Frederick Leboyer *

I have done an Infant Massage course and use to teach parents to massage their baby from birth as I understood the calming and bonding nature of this ancient activity.

Massage is easy, beneficial and mostly intuitive.

Massage in a warm room
Massage after a bath or after a sleep or before a sleep
Lie baby on a soft surface
Use long gentle strokes that go from shoulder to toes using the palms of the hands
Start with light touch and slowly increase pressure if your baby enjoys the massage

  • Touch is an essential sense and develops trust
  • Quality sharing time that Dad's or grandparents can do
  • Calming or stimulating depending on the strokes you use
  • Bonding with baby: develops attachment
  • Improves muscle tone, digestion, elimination, sleep, circulation and respiration
  • Promotes weight gain in premature babies
  • Relaxing
  • Can help relieve colic and constipation
  • Develops loving communication between parent and child
  • Develops body awareness
If you are new to massage there is a quick worthwhile video at Raising Children Network.

Massage techniques in diagram form.

DON'T FORGET TO USE Natural Baby Massage Oil

WE RECOMMEND: This soft organic baby towel for after bath and massage time as it's easy to wash and great for babies sensitive skin.

* Loving Hands: The Traditional Art of Baby Massage by Dr Frederick Leboyer. This book shows how to use the flowing rhythms of the art of baby massage to communicate love and strength to infants in the weeks and months following birth.

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  1. Just had to say what a great article and thanks for highlighting the importance of massage for babies. I am a massage teacher and run classes in LA and find the benefits are also for the parents who do the massage.

    1. Great point Babs... parents really relax and feel calm and develop a better connection with their child.