Books for babies

Reading aloud to your baby is a wonderful way to spend time together. Being read to is the beginning of the literacy and language skills needed for later reading.

It will help children understand that books are important, that you value books and what books are all about.

When should you start reading to your baby?

As early as possible.
From birth they will enjoy being held and listening to your voice so this is a good time to read rhyming books like nursery rhymes or the Mem Fox selections below.
By about 2 months babies may like to look at brightly coloured or contrasting pictures like the Tana Hoban books.
By 4 or 5 months they will be reaching and grasping and enjoying books with different textures like touch and feel books.

What books should I get for baby?
Board books are great for babies up to 2 year olds or even older. They are strong enough not to tear when little fingers reach for them.
Books made of material or plastic are also good.
Any book you enjoy reading is wonderful as it is about baby hearing your voice.
Books with simple, large pictures on a white background.
Books with babies in them or animals in them.
Books with photos of real things.
Books with a few words on each page.
Rhyming stories.
Touch and feel books.

Some suggested books that are suitable for baby:

I Went Walking by Julie Vivas
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox
Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox
Time for Bed by Mem Fox
Nana's Colours by Pamela Allen
When I Was a Baby by Deborah Niland
I can by Helen Oxenbury
I touch by Helen Oxenbury
Tickle tickle by Helen Oxenbury
Black on White by Tana Hoban
Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe by Tana Hoban
White on black by Tana Hoban
Who are they? by Tana Hoban
Night-Night Baby, a Touch and Feel book
That's Not My Teddy by Fiona Watt
Peek-A Who? by Nina Laden

Most of these books and others I recommend are available here.


What are your favourite books to read to baby?

Reading tips
Reading the same book over and over is usually enjoyed by babies and helps develop their language.
Hold your baby when you are reading.
You don't need to read the whole book at once.

Do you have any reading tips?

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