B is for Ball: the best baby toy you can buy

sensory balls

I say balls are the best baby toy you can buy as I really love "toys" for baby that you do not need to buy. (That's another story) But every baby should have at least 1 ball.

ACTIVITY: Offer your baby a ball to explore - touch, taste and look at. Watch it roll. Encourage her to see what else she can do with it.
This will eventually help her learn to roll it, drop it in a box, and take it out again.

EXTENSION: Try balls with different shapes and textures (bumpy, "kooshy", squishy etc.) 
Balls are the best toys.
Why? Because they 
  • move
  • can be manipulated and moved in a variety of ways 
  • they make baby start to think about cause and affect
  • they can be played with alone or with a friend

DEVELOPMENT: Balls for babies stimulates:
  • sense of touch as they feel the ball
  • vision as they watch the ball roll
  • eyes and hands working together  as they try to reach and grab the ball
  • thinking as they try and work it out

You don't need a lot of toys for your baby but if you need to purchase something, maybe a gift for a child's friend, please consider buying it from my store, where you will find 5 different balls and some other educational toys. The purchases at my Amazon store are at no extra cost to you than what you would pay directly from Amazon and they help support all the free information you find on this site. Thank you.

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