Songs for babies

Songs to sing with baby
As requested, here are some song and rhyme ideas to do with your baby.

I always find that children love to hear others singing, rather than listening to a CD. So try and remember some rhymes from when you were growing up or learn a few new ones. Don't worry about whether you think you have a good singing voice - your baby will love it.

Singing songs with your child has many benefits but the main ones are connection and fun. Click on the underlined links to find the full rhyme.

This little froggy - a toe tickling rhyme like three little pigs.

Little Arabella Miller found a fuzzy caterpillar - creep fingers on childs arm or leg
One potato, two potato, - hold their hands like fists and help them do actions

I'm a little teapot - sway child from side to side and tip to side
Like a leaf or a feather, in the windy, windy, weather - stand, holding child and gently twirl around and bend down to ground.

FOR OLDER BABIES:  When they have good head control

There were four fat sausages sizzling in a pan ... - on sizzle give them a little shake, on 'Pop' and 'bang' lift them up and down

Humpty Dumpty - sit them high on your knees facing you, then knees fall down then jig up and down for "horses"

Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick - adult sits with legs out straight, child on floor to side and lift them over your legs from side to side
See-saw, Margery Daw - Do the same as Row, row, row your boat

Have fun. More songs? go to Kidsongs.

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